Zork (a.k.a. Harvey Zork) is a green alien who appears in a number of skits on Sesame Street animated by Mike Christy, aka ArtistMike. The segments debuted in Season 21.


Picture Title / EKA Description
Zork on the Coast
Episode 2687
Zork lands on the coast of California, where he meets a slick agent.
Ring Toss
Episode 2761
Zork wants to play ring toss with a group of campers, who refuse to let him join in the game until their instructor (voiced by Mary Jo Catlett) reminds them to not be judgmental.
Zork Skis
Episode 2766
A St. Bernard dog (voiced by Danny Mann) leads Zork down the snowy hill.
Zork Visits Australia
Episode 2790
Zork lands in Australia and meets a kangaroo.
Picnic in Space
Episode 3785
Zork and his friend Marge Dinkle attempt to go on a picnic in space. She packs him a healthy lunch, but once they're out of Earth's atmosphere, the contents of the picnic basket get all over the inside of the spaceship.

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