Zink Magazine, styled Z!nK, is an American fashion magazine, first published in 2002.

For the publication's December 2005/January 2006 Holiday issue, photographer Mike Ruiz shot a fashion shoot with Miss Piggy, titled "Sow Fabulous." Official notes from the photo shoot call for:

Although produced, the latter two never made it into the publication. Mike Ruiz eventually released the Kinski spoof "Miss Piggy and the Serpent" on his official website as part of his portfolio, and fashion designer Keanan Duffty posted a behind-the-scenes version of the Sid and Nancy inspired photo on his blog years later. A third, previously unreleased photo from the shoot appears here on Muppet Wiki for the first time, courtesy of Zink Magazine.


  • Photographer: Mike Ruiz
  • Stylist: CANNON for Oliver Piro, Inc.
  • Hair: Jason Hayes
  • Stylist's assistants: Amber Votel and Eleni Tasou
  • Props: James Massenburg for Oliver Piro, Inc.
  • Titles: Jim Lewis


• Some Like It Haute
Gentlemen Prefer Moi
• Sow Like it Haute
• Happy Birthday, Mr. Frog!
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Tiffany’s
• Breakfast, Lunch & Dessert at Tiffany’s
• Breakfast with “I hop”.
• Memoirs of a Diva
• Memoirs of a Karate-Trained Geisha
Crouching Pig, Hidden Frog
• Hiii-Yaaaa! Memoirs of a Karate-Trained Geisha
• Kermy & Piggie: Pop Art Imitates Life
Famous for 15 Minutes…& Beyond
• Pop Art: When Kermy Met Piggie
• Warhol Hog: When Kermy Met Piggie
• Tempting, Aren’t Moi?
• Forget the Apple, Bring Moi the Frog
• Kermie’s Rib
• “I was thinking more a feather boa.”
• Boa Meets Girl.
• Moi doesn’t do apples.
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