The Ziegfeld Follies was the the term for a series of Broadway stage revues, mounted by theatrical impresario Flo Ziegfeld and staged between 1907 and 1931 (occasionally supplemented by Ziegfeld's more risqué "Midnight Frolic" series). The revues were known for their lavish and elaborate costumes, the presence of the "Ziegfeld Girls" chorus, and for introducing or showcasing major stars, such as Fanny Brice, W. C. Fields (a frequent headliner between 1915 and 1925), and Ed Wynn.

A radio version, Ziegfeld Follies of the Air, launched in 1932 and was revived in 1936. After Ziegfeld's death in 1932, widow Billie Burke launched two more Ziegfeld Follies in 1934 and 1936. Additional versions, from different producers, came in 1943 and 1957.



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