Written by George M. Cohan
Date 1906
Source George Washington, Jr.
(stage musical)

"You're a Grand Old Flag" is a patriotic song by George M. Cohan. The song is performed by Hal Linden (after Cohan's own "Yankee Doodle Boy") on The Muppet Show episode 517, as part of a medley pitting the 4th of July against Christmas.

The song was also performed in the 1985 stage show The Muppet Show on Tour: 2nd Edition. In 2009, on A Capitol Fourth, Big Bird led Natasha Bedingfield and his fellow Sesame Street Muppets in the song, to cap off a song medley.

The earliest known performance of the song by a Muppet was when Rowlf the Dog sang it as a duet with Jimmy Dean on the April 09, 1964 broadcast of The Jimmy Dean Show.

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