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*''[[The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street]] (1979)
*''[[The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street]]'' (1979)
*[[]] {{SSvideo|b9c62c82-525d-4346-a8a2-e358382b88b1}}
*[[]] {{SSvideo|b9c62c82-525d-4346-a8a2-e358382b88b1}}

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Written by Allen Toussaint
Date 1973
Source The Pointer Sisters
Publisher Screen Gems/EM Music, Inc.

"Yes, We Can Can" is a funk song made popular by the Pointer Sisters. It became the group's first hit single and shot up to number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

With the song's main theme of getting along with others and working out problems, the Pointer Sisters performed the song on Sesame Street in 1974, for season 6.



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