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Music by Joe Raposo
Lyrics by Jeff Moss
Publisher Festival Attractions; Instructional Children's Music; Jonico Music
EKA Episode 0141

"The Word Family Song" is a Sesame Street song about making simple rhyming words, that is usually sung by several people together. It has been used for a variety of ending sounds such as "op", "an", "at", and "et". A sample lyric as illustrated on this page is "You take an 'm' that's 'mmm', and an o-p op. You put them all together and that spells mop!"


Picture Versions and Artists
The OP Family
The AT Family
The AN Family
The ET Family
The UN Family
The IG Family


Audio (Gordon, Susan, Mr. Hooper and Oscar "et" words version)
Audio (Dan and friend "an" words version)
Video (Anything Muppets "op" words version)

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