PERFORMER Jerry Nelson voice of both
DEBUT 1983

Wooly Nelson and Furlin Wailin are monster country singers in the Sesame Street Live show Sesame Jamboree. The fiddle-playing Wooly (with the horns) and the beard and moustached Furlin are, respectively, band leader and lead singer for the Blue Fur Mountain Band.

Wooly and Furlin resurfaced in cameo roles (with last names changed to simply "Monster") for the 1986 Sesame Street Live show Big Bird Goes Hollywood.

The characters were spoofs of country singers Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings respectively.[1] Although the bearded appearance of Furlin Wailin was inspired by Jennings, his first name Furlin is a reference to the earlier country singer Ferlin Husky.


  1. Neese, Sandy. "Woolie Nelson, Furlin Wailin Sure to Make the Big Time." The Tennessean. Nov. 10, 1983.

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