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Kermit and Piggy recreate Annie Hall in a MIss Piggy Calendar

Woody Muppet

Woody Allen caricature on From the Balcony

Woody Allen (b. 1935) is an Academy Award-winning American comedian, actor, film director, screenwriter, author, musician, and playwright. He's best known for his neurotic movie persona and his many films, often starring himself and, by the time of Annie Hall (1977), often focusing on human insecurities, frailties, dysfunctional families, and the need for escapism, among other topics.

In his earlier career as a stand-up comedian, Allen was a frequent guest on TV talk shows and variety shows. He paid a visit to Rowlf the Dog and friends on Our Place, as the guest star in the July 9, 1967 broadcast. He also appeared on The Tonight Show on December 31, 1965, which also featured the Muppets.

His film Broadway Danny Rose (1984) includes a scene of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Big Bird briefly is visible.


Movie Mentions

  • In Allen's 1990 comedy Alice, a friend of the title character says that her son cries whenever he has to leave the house, "especially if Sesame Street is on."


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