Wim Meuldijk (b. 1922- d. 27-17-2007) wrote several sketches for Sesamstraat The Dutch co- production of Sesame Street. He did this between 1982 until 2002.

He started in worldwar 2 as a cartoonist of 'Sneeuwvlok en de Eskimo (Snowflake and the Eskimo). and 1958 is also famous for his creation of the Dutch clown Pipo de Clown. First a cartoon character and later a television series that ran from 1958- 1980. And for completion of his work a cinemafilm in 2003 called Pipo en de p-p-Parelridder (Pipo and the p-p-pearlknight).

In 1973 he moved to Vera in Andalusië (Spain) where he also wrote his sketches for Sesamstraat. on 27 december 2007 he died at the age of 85. He was burried in Spain.

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