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Wilsons franks

Scoop and Skip in an ad for Wilson's Frankfurts

Muppets, Inc. produced a series of commercials for Wilson's Meats from 1965 to 1967, featuring two Muppets named Scoop and Skip.

As in most Muppet "buddy" commercials (like those featuring Wilkins and Wontkins), one character favored the product while the other one did not. In this case, Skip liked Wilson's Meats. However, in at least one commercial, Scoop ended up favoring the luncheon meat.


Title list

Wilsons balogna clutch

Wilson's Certified Bologna

  • Blob
  • Brand X
  • Leaning Tower
The duo are in Italy because, according to Skip, "there's nothing leaner than Wilson's certified bacon!"
  • Mad Scientist
  • Splasho the Great
  • Survey
  • Rocket Launch
Skip wonders if eating Wilson's Franks will make him an astronaut. He finds that they do give him a lift.
  • The Champ
Scoop endorses Wilson's Franks by claiming that "the Champ" (Skip) gets his brutal strength from eating them. Skip points out that he doesn't eat them, and ends up crushed by his barbell.
  • Parachutes
Scoop doesn't fall for Wilson's Meats, but he does after Skip cuts his parachute strings.

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