Wieso? Weshalb? Warum? is a recurring segment on Sesamstrasse, that premiered in season 34 (2006). A total of 15 segments has aired so far, each one hosted by Mazze (Matthias Klimsa), who tries to answer children's questions.

The segment's title (consisting of three different ways of asking "why?" in German) is also a prominent the part of the Sesamstrasse theme song.


Picture Episode Description
Folge2336-2 2336 Mazze tries to figure out why it rains.
Folge2372-1 2372 Mazze tries to answer the question "why is it so hard to catch a fly".
2385 Mazz looks for answers as to why fish can't down.
Folge2392-4 2392 "Why are there bubbles in soda", Mazze tries to answer the question in a series of experiments.
Folge2393-4 2393 Mazze tries to answer the question "how do I get my dog to sit"
Folge2517-10 2517 Mazze tries to answer the question "why do popcorn pop when you are not prepared for it"
Folge2520-8 2520 Mazze tries to find the answer to "why do pigs love mud".

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