Whoopie Water Geiser

Wembley rides a Whoopie Water geiser

Whoopie Water

Wembley tastes Whoopie Water

Whoopie Water is a Fraggle beverage discovered by Wembley in "Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water." Whoopie Water is described as being "fizzy" and tasting like "strawberries" and a "party". Boober describes it as "clean, crisp with a hint of clove".

Wembley initially discovers the Whoopie Water in the cave he and Gobo share. He later discovers a geyser of Whoopie Water in The Great Hall. Whoopie Water has an energy boosting effect on the Fraggles, but the removal of the Water from the rocks has a catastrophic effect on Fraggle Rock.

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