Written by Joan Holub
Illustrator Nancy Harrison
Published 2010
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN 0448454068

Who Was Jim Henson? is a 2010 children's biography of Jim Henson, in the "Who Was..." series.


  • Chapter 1: Growing Up
  • Chapter 2: The First Muppets
  • Chapter 3: More Muppeteers
  • Chapter 4: The Big Time
  • Chapter 5: Sesame Street
  • Chapter 6: The Muppet Show
  • Chapter 7: Muppets in the Movies
  • Chapter 8: A Different Kind of Movie
  • Chapter 9: Always Something New
  • Chapter 10: Good-bye Too Soon
  • Timeline of Jim Henson's Life
  • Timeline of the World
  • Descriptions of Jim's Children
  • Bibliography
  • How to Make a Puppet


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