Where is my skate
Written by Deborah Hautzig
Illustrator Normand Chartier
Published 1987
Publisher Random House
Series Books for Young Readers
ISBN 039488521X

Where Is My Skate? is a 1987 Sesame Street storybook featuring Big Bird.

The story follows Big Bird as he seeks in vain for a most valued object: one half of the new skates Granny Bird sent to him. As in the tradition of Greek tragedy, this loss prevents Big Bird from being an active hero, unable to skate with Bert and Ernie and thus thrust into despair (indicated by the consistently droopy eyelids on every page, accented by the occasional tear). He gets help from Grover, but their efforts yield only spaghetti with birdseed sauce and continued frustration. Big Bird asks everyone he encounters, from Oscar the Grouch to Susan and Miles, but none can resolve his dilemma.

Exhausted from his fruitless labors, Big Bird returns home for a nap. In his dreams, the truth is revealed to him, through the sage wisdom of the Skate Fairy. Upon awakening, Big Bird realizes that his skate has been beneath his pillow all the time and joyously embarks on his skating expedition.