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Written by Jodie Shepherd
Illustrator Ernie Kwiat
Published 2007
Publisher Reader's Digest
ISBN 0794412904

When I Grow Up is a 16-page Sesame Street story book.

The Sesame Street characters imagine what jobs they'd like as grown-ups: From firefighters to librarians, astronauts to artists. The book comes in a take-anywhere carrying case that also includes two magnetic Elmo and Zoe figures to dress with 12 different occupation-appropriate outfits, and 10 fun play scenes that serve as backdrops.

The book describes lots of jobs: Grover would like to be a farmer on Old McGrover's farm, Elmo would like to be a teacher, Oscar would like to be an artist-even a grouch can appreciate good art, and Cookie Monster would love to be a chef. Other professions featured in book are firefighter, construction worker, veterinarian, gardener, librarian, astronaut, nurse, and an athlete.

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