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1981 original
Written by  Jocelyn Stevenson
Illustrator  Beverly Phillips
Published  1981
Publisher  Western Publishing
Series  Sesame Street Book Club

When I'm as Big as Freddie is a 1981 Sesame Street storybook. In first person narration, an unnamed child proudly describes the things he'll do when he's as big as his older brother Freddie. The numerous activities include washing his hair and combing out the tangles, riding the Sesame Street bus, camping out alone in the backyard, and keeping a pet mouse named Squeak. He hopes to then inspire his own baby sister.

In addition to the cast of sundry Anything Muppets, the book features cameos by Grover (as a librarian) and the Count as a bank teller.

In 1992, the book was updated, with new illustrations by Tom Cooke, and with a girl as Freddie's younger sibling.



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