Pink Whatnot Workshop Kit

The Muppets: Whatnot Workshop Kits are a series of puppet toys based on FAO Schwarz's the Muppet Whatnot Workshop. The kits allows users to create their own Muppet Whatnot. Three separate kits have been produced (an orange body Whatnot, a pink body Whatnot, and a blue body Whatnot). Each kit comes with a puppet body; various interchangeable eyes and noses (attachable with Velcro), hairstyles; and an arm rod.

The designs and accessories for the puppets are similar to those of the custom-built Whatnots from the Muppet Whatnot Workshop at FAO Schwarz; however the puppets in the kits feature interchangeable/removable parts and different body materials.

The kits were released in October 2011; being sold exclusively at FAO Schwarz and Toys R Us stores with a SRP of $59.99.

Articles of clothing were also released to Toys'R'Us and included items such as the leather jacket, suit jacket, red hoodie and show girl dress.

In 2013, a pink Whatnot kit with female accessories was added to the lineup.

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