Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Sara Compton
Date 1992
Publisher Splotched Animal Music
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 3134

Wet or Dry is a Sesame Street song from the early 1990s.

Little Chrissy responds to the question of what makes him happy: he likes having fun "no matter if he's wet or dry", and demonstrates by playing his piano on both a stage and underwater (surrounded by fish). "Wet" and "dry" are further demonstrated with several kids, Mr. Handford, and Maria getting buckets of water dumped on them.

Both the song and video spoof Michael Jackson's 1991 hit "Black or White."


  • Two versions of the video were made. One of them ends with Little Chrissy saying "Perfect!" in an enthusiastic way, and another features him saying "Perfect" at the end less enthusiastic, and the music is different from the other one.


Audio (album version)

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