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Released 2013
Format CD
Label Dhv Der Hörverlag
Cat no. ISBN 9783844512151
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Back cover of the CD

Weihnachts-Geschichten (Christmas Stories) is a 2013 Sesamstrasse CD of stories, written by Angelika Paetow and read by Douglas Welbat, the German voice of Cookie Monster. The CD was one of several product tie-ins to the 40th anniversary of Sesamstrasse.

Product description

"Sesame Street" is celebrating Christmas! Bert and Ernie, Bibo and Oscar, Samson, Tiffy, Finchen, Rumpel, Grobi and of course Krümelmonster - all look forward to the festival and enjoying the Christmas season: Graf Zahl must count the little doors in the advent calender, Grobi helps Nikolaus, Bibo looks out for Santa Claus, Krümel bakes the best cookies and eating them on at once, Samson and Tiffy decorate the Christmas tree and more.

Track listing

  1. Ansage
  2. Samsons Iglu-Party
  3. Samsons Iglu-Party
  4. Samsons Iglu-Party
  5. Ein Adventskalendar für Graf Zahl
  6. Ein Schneckenhaus zum Nikolaus
  7. Ein Schneckenhaus zum Nikolaus
  8. Stiefel für den Nikolaus
  9. Stiefel für den Nikolaus
  10. Krümels Monster
  11. Wer hat den schönsten Tannenbaum
  12. Wer hat den schönsten Tannenbaum
  13. Bibo sucht den Weihnachtsmann
  14. Bibo sucht den Weihnachtsmann
  15. Tiffys Bescherung
  16. Tiffys Bescherung
  17. Tiffys Bescherung