PERFORMER Andrea Martin
DEBUT 1989

Wanda Falbo (Word Fairy) appeared in a series of inserts on Sesame Street. The storyline of one episode revolved around her, as she paid a visit to Sesame Street.

The fairy character was a carryover from SCTV, originally named Mrs. Falbo, the hostess of "Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town". Her segment theme was written by Tony Geiss.


Picture Segment / EKA Description
Episode 2621
Wanda, with the help of Barkley, presents a word which represents large, shaggy animals who like to chase sticks (or wands).
Episode 2678
Wanda presents a word about her parents played by Sonia Manzano (Maria) and Bob McGrath (Bob) explaining there is a word you call them both when they're your parents. The words are "mom" and "dad."
Episode 2748
Wanda talks to Tinkerbell on a pay phone. She then demonstrates for the viewer how a phone works.
Later airings of this segment end after the word "STUCK," omitting the part where Wanda says "DARN IT!"
Episode 2834
Wanda demonstrates words for food with the help of a grocer's display. (The grocer is played by Leonard Jackson.)

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