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Music by Karen Aqua; Ken Field (arrangement, chords)
Lyrics by Karen Aqua
Date 2000

"Wall of Numbers" is a recurring animated segment on Sesame Street. Directed by Karen Aqua, it features stylized characters, reminiscent of hieroglyphics or the figures on ancient pottery or tapestry.

One character holds a number to be matched against those on the wall. A chorus of singers croon about the number "on my mind." This was done for two different numbers, 4 and 6. The vocalists were Carolyn Kaylor, Linda Viens, and Denise DiZio. Musicians were Eric Paull (drums), John Styklunas (bass), and co-composer Ken Field on alto saxophones, layered together.[1]


  1. Ken Field's Sesame Street Soundtracks

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