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"Waiting for Elmo"

Waiting for Godot is a play by Samuel Beckett that premiered in 1953. It follows two friends, Vladimir and Estragon, as they wait by a tree for someone named Godot. The play has generated much controversy, with many critics and scholars arguing that it is an allegory of the Cold War, having homoerotic overtones, or holding Biblical interpretations of Godot as God.



  • Timothy Bateson played Lucky in the 1955 London show
  • John Glover played Lucky in the 2009 Broadway revival
  • John Goodman played Pozzo in the 2009 Broadway revival
  • Bill Irwin played Lucky in the 1988 Lincoln Center version and Vladimir in the 2009 Broadway revival
  • Nathan Lane played Estragon in the 2009 Broadway revival
  • Alan Stanford played Pozzo in the 2001 film
  • Patrick Stewart played Vladimir in the 2009 UK tour and London revival

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