WORM-TV, "the grouch broadcasting network,"[1] is a television station with programming for grouches, often with Oscar and Telly Monster appearing on the programs.

Scenes involving the station appeared on Sesame Street in at least seasons 11 and 12.


Oscar introduces his new show, "Meet the Grouch." Oscar also does the final commercial over his WORM-TV station.
Oscar stars in an advertisement for the album, Yucky Moments from the Alphabet, with samples starring Bob, Maria, Grundgetta, Mr. Hooper and the Fonz.
Telly gives a cold weather report.
To their dismay, Maria and Olivia agree to be guests on Oscar's show Grouch to Grouch.


  1. Telly Monster refers to the station as such in his introduction in the "Yuckiest Moments from the Alphabet," Episode 1452