A series referred to as The Environmental Show by the press, but called W.I.L.D. during production, was proposed for the Disney Channel in 1990 with the intentions of educating young people about animals and the environment. Set in a TV station, anchor Ponce D. Lion and iguana cohost Netty would have been two featured main characters.

Jim Henson spoke about the project with People magazine, expressing the notion that "preteens love animals... You can turn that interest into an awareness of problems in the world today."

Even though this version of the show was never produced, it was in some ways a precursor of The Animal Show. A bear puppet from The Muppets Take Manhattan was to be used in the show which later became Bobo the Bear, who debuted on Muppets Tonight.

The puppet used as Netty would later be reused as in the Dinosaurs episode "Honey, I Miss the Kids" (as an amphibian named Tad). Milton and Ruth from The Song of the Cloud Forest would have been reused in this series.