Songs from Vila Sésamo
Released 1972
Format LP
Label Som Livre
Cat no. 403.6035
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Vila Sésamo, the soundtrack album for Vila Sésamo, the Brazilian co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Rede Globo in 1972. It was the only Sesame album produced in Brazil. All tracks were written by Marcos Valle. Two singles from the album were also released (see International Sesame Street Singles for details).

This album was reissued on CD in 2006. But on this version, the song "Alegria da vida" was moved to the first track.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Abecedário (The Alphabet) - Trio Soneca
  2. Querer e poder (Want and Be Able to) - Trio Soneca
  3. Gugu (Gugu) - Trio Soneca
  4. Os Bichos (The Bugs) - Trio Soneca
  5. Diferença (Differences) - Trio Soneca
  6. Classificação (Classification) - Trio Soneca
  7. Alegria da vida (Joy of Life) - Orchestra and the Som Livre Choir

Side Two

  1. Funga Funga (Funga Funga) - Trio Soneca
  2. Partes do corpo (Parts of the Body) - Trio Soneca
  3. Adição-Subtração (Addition and Subtraction) - Trio Soneca
  4. Imaginação (Imagination) - Trio Soneca
  5. Garibaldo (Garibaldo) - Trio Soneca
  6. Pequenos erros (Small Errors) - Trio Soneca
  7. Vila Sésamo (Theme Song) - Suzana Machado Ribeiro



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