Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1995
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16167

Verhaaltjes Met Je Vriendjes (Stories With Your Friends) features six Sesame Street stories, acted out by the Sesame Street characters.

Track listing

  1. Wanneer Is Het Zaterdag? (When Is Saturday?)
  2. Een Bezoek Aan Het Sesamstraat Museum (A Visit to the Sesame Street Museum)
  3. Niet Huilen, Pino (Don't Cry, Big Bird)
  4. Bert En De Gebroken Theepot (Bert and the Broken Teapot)
  5. Pino Zoekt Zijn Bal (Big Bird Looks for His Ball)
  6. Bang In Het Donker (Scared of the Dark)



  • The stories are based on Sesame Street books.
  • Wim T. Schippers does not perform Cookie Monster or Oscar on the show.
  • Big Bird is replaced by (Leo Dijkgraaf's) Pino; on track 5, he mentions he's wearing his yellow feather costume.

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