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Songs from
Released 2012
Format Digital download
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no.

Valentine's Collection is a Sesame Street digital album.[1] The 10-track collection features Valentine's Day songs taken from previous Sesame Street albums.

Track listings

  1. Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel and Oscar the Grouch
    from Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music
  2. Elmo's Song - Elmo, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus
    from Put Down the Duckie!
  3. I Love Trash - Oscar the Grouch
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  4. But I Like You - Bert and Ernie
    from Jim Henson: A Sesame Street Celebration
  5. A Really Good Feeling - Big Bird
    from Bert & Ernie Sing-Along
  6. With a Little Yelp from My Friends - Moe Cocker
    from Sesame Road
  7. Take the Hand of Someone You Love - The Oinker Sisters
    from Sing-Along Travel Songs
  8. Bert's Love Song - Bert
    from Love
  9. Sign, You're a Friend of Mine - Big Bird and the Lost Generation
    from Signs!
  10. That's What Friends Are For - Bert and Ernie
    from Surprise!


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