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"Pizza the Musical" is the fourth-aired segment of "Elmo: The Musical."

Elmo imagines a pizza, the decides he should be a pizza delivery monster in space. He receives an order for the planet Mars and counts the slices ("Number 10 Pizza"). He passes by the moon ("Zoom Zoom"), where 5 of the slices fly out of the box, due to the lack of gravity. Elmo presses onward, counting some shooting stars as he flies through space ("Zoom Zoom (reprise)"). The tenth star penetrates the ship and Elmo begins to plumet, much to Velvet's horror. Elmo fixes the situation by using another slice and covering the hole. He finally reaches the red planet, but is stopped by a Space Chicken, who entraps him in his three laser beams ("Space Chicken Song"). Elmo notices the laser cannons are shaped like triangles and uses the three remaining slices to plug up the beams and frying the chicken's ship. Elmo arrives on Mars and apologizes to the Martians for bringing only an empty box. The Martians don't mind, preferring to use it for the "Pizza Box Dance."


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