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December 17, 2006

Just call me the rarest editor of this site. I'll hardly be around.

Having to be fimiler with the Muppets since a kid (I'am born in 1981), I had watched Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, some of The Muppet Show, Muppet Babies, Dog City, Dinosaurs, and some other Muppet shows and loved them, but I had never put much thought of them. I admire Jim Henson and his work, it's a wonder he has been working since he left high school in 1954 and created the very frist muppets. I did not learn about Sam and Friends here but in Wikipedia, and was amazed that the Muppets begun in 1954 but was techinally not called the "Muppets" until 1955.

Because after years of not putting much attention on the Muppets since 1982, I had problems remembering most things about the Muppets, however I had some soild memories from some Muppet shows that I may put on here. Coming here does refreash many memories from Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, Muppet Show and many others. The point is I'm not an Muppet expert but that won't stop me from editing here and I don't need to be an full-flaged Muppet fan to edit here, I'am an Muppet fan in my own rights.

Right now I'm an big One Piece contribuator, which is why I don't edit here much because I never put much attention to Muppets. The only time I'll edit the site is if I manage to catch up with the Muppets or if I saw a page that I have information to post, for example I remember details of Kermit and Pinochiccio (Pino nearly pushed Kermit out the window with his long nose but don't remember what he says except that I remember he says "Okay, my name is Pinochicciooooo!!)" and if I see any grammer or spelling errors, I'll correct them, add some of my ideas on the page or add a deep information in some page or revert stupid vandelizm.

But I also visit Star Wars, Star Trek, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy. I mostly work on One Piece.

And I wish Jim was still alive, I wonder what wierd stuff he might pull out today.

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