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  1. I'm Glad I'm Me (Prince Big Bird)
  2. Episode 3141: Oscar Is Turned Into Prince Charming (Prince Oscar)
  3. Episode 2243: Big Bird Stays Up Late (Prince Oscar and Princess Grundgetta)
  4. Episode 4315: Abby Thinks Oscar is a Prince (Prince Oscar; Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo)
  5. Episode 4326: Great Vibrations (Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo)
  6. Episode 2503: The Count's Sleeping Beauty (Prince Count)
  7. CinderElmo (Prince Elmo)
  8. Abby in Wonderland (King Oscar)
  9. Episode 4084: Banana In A Stone (King Baby Bear)
  10. Episode 4103: Telly's and Baby Bear's Story (King Baby Bear)
  11. Episode 4048: Rosita Meets A Frog Wearing A Crown (Elephant Prince)
  12. Episode 3820: The Adults Are Too Busy To Tell Elmo A Story (King Elmo)
  13. Episode 3935: The Adults Are Too Busy To Tell Elmo A Story (King Elmo)
  14. Episode 2776: Oscar tells the story of the Knights of the Broken Table (King Oscar)
  15. Episode 3449: The Cloud Who Wanted to Leave the Sky (Prince Elmo)
  16. Episode 0768: Mr. Snuffleupagus brings a Snuffy-sized trash can to Sesame Street (King Oscar)
  17. Episode 4421: The Pogo Games (Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo)
  18. Episode 4507: A Bicycle Built By Two (Elmo the Musical: Prince Elmo)
  19. Episode 4522: Jack B. Nimble Can't Sit Down (Game of Chairs: King Grover)
  20. Episode 3385: A day of storytelling and name tags (King Telly)
  21. Episode 3013: Elmo And Telly Play King (King Elmo, King Telly)
  22. Episode 3487: Tarah sleeps over at Gabi’s (Prince Elmo, Prince Telly, Princess Zoe)
  23. Episode 3524: Maria, Luis and Gabi look after Alice (Prince Elmo, Prince Telly, Princess Zoe)
  24. Episode 3803: Gordon wants to practice his flute (Prince Elmo, Prince Telly, Princess Zoe)
  25. Episode 3777: Cooperating at Day Care (Prince Bert)
  26. Episode 3926: Elmo, Baby Bear and Telly put on a play (Prince Elmo)
  27. Episode 4143: Sleeping Grouchy (Prince Slimey)
  28. Episode 4075: Cookie Monster writes a story (King Cookie)
  29. Episode 2571: Oscar cooperates (King Ernie)
  30. Episode 2598: Grandmothers on the street (King Ernie)
  31. Episode 2933: Another day on the street (King Ernie)
  32. Episode 3066: Maria and Luis have family over (King Ernie)
  33. Episode 3077: Letter M day/Snuffy writes a postcard (King Ernie)
  34. Episode 3445: Baby Bear visits the Furry Arms hotel (King Ernie)
  35. Episode 3877: Elizabeth is visited by a Fairy Bubbleperson (King Ernie)
  36. Episode 0597: A snowy day on Sesame Street (King Mumford)
  37. Episode 3964: Prairie Dawn's List (King Elmo)
  38. Episode 3034: Oscar Reads The Story Of Grouchelot
  39. Episode 0001: Premiere episode: Gordon introduces Sally to Sesame Street (Very First Episode of Sesame Street)

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