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Why Am I Here?

Though I grew up watching Sesame Street from its infancy and absolutely loved The Muppet Show, I'm here now not from such nostalgia but because my daughter has a neurological disorder... and one of its many effects is that she is a permanent fan of a particular era of Sesame Street. When she was young, we taped episode after episode and then taped over them and taped some more because watching it would calm and center her. We feel lucky, because some of her peers are stuck on Barney & Friends!

In any case, the newer episodes (anything beyond 2000) do not have the same effect, and we have been watching the same 100 hours or so for years and years now. We made new tapes of our tapes and then converted them all to DVD. Sesame Street is nearly always on in our house. We go through our entire collection about once a month.

So now I try to pick up any missing commercial VHS tapes from that era (I think we have them all now), and have catalogued everything we do have so I can pick up missing episodes which are old enough, on occasion on PBS Kids Sprout. I've relied on Wikipedia and The Sesame Street Lyrics Archive over the years as reference material, and contributed to both.

Here are a few of my daughter's favorite episodes:

And some favorite segments:

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