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The 5:00 Weasel.

About me

New contributor, long time old-school muppet fan. Especially fond of Sesame Street up until the early 80's and the entire run of The Muppet Show. Am just getting into Fraggle Rock for the first time, and I'm loving it!

As a child, I had the unusual opportunity to see the entire first and second seasons of Sesame Street (and the reruns of each episode) twice -- first in the USA and then when my family moved to Singapore in 1971, I got to watch them all over again from Episode 0001. This resulted in a lot of very strong fan-memories of SS sketches that have become lost to time.

Then in 1979, history repeated itself -- sort of. I was back in the US, enjoying the fouth season of The Muppet Show, when suddenly my family moved overseas again, this time to the Philippines. The third season of the Muppets was just starting over there, so I got to watch the entire run of the third and fourth series all over again, with the added bonus of getting to see the UK sketches that I'd missed the first time in the US.

I have a number of fan-memories that I'm attempting to verify before I add the information they contain to any pages here. Here are a few of them, for starters:

1. When Episode 314 of the Muppet Show (guest star: Harry Belafonte) was first aired on TV, that particular episode had a different closing than usual. Everyone knows that the song "Turn the World Around" continued to play during the credit roll, but when the very end was reached, instead of Zoot blowing the final note on his saxaphone, one of the African Masks blew it instead. This final bit does not appear in the DVD box set of Season 3, as Disney just cut and pasted the same Zoot footage at the end of every show, regardless of how it originally aired. Does anyone else besides me remember seeing the African Mask toot the saxaphone? Unfortunately, YouTube does not have an original broadcast clip uploaded, as of this writing.

2. Similarly, at the end of the episode 321 (Roger Miller), when nearly all the muppets were stricken with Cluckitis, the chickenified Zoot blew his saxaphone at the end (after Statler and Waldorf did their possum "surprise"). Again, this clip seems to have been lost, replaced with the same old footage as above. Does anyone remember seeing this?

A Petition

I can't help but notice that there are a lot of pages about people, places and things that have little or nothing to do with the Muppets. Take the page of John Lasseter, for example -- why is this even included here? Because he directed a couple of shorts for Sesame Street? Shorts that had nothing to do with any Muppets?

Still, I can accept this. Somebody -- I forget who -- once pointed out that for all intents and purposes, this is as much a Wiki for Sesame Street as it is for the Muppets. What I cannot accept is that there used to be a page talking about Jim Henson's Sesame Street clay animation films, such as Sam the Snake, the Unicorn Under the Unusually Ugly Umbrella, the Q lecture and the opening animation used during the entire first season of Sesame Street. Henson himself did many of the voices in these films. I find this a good deal more relevant to this Wiki than a page devoted to the executive producer at Disney and Pixar.

So my petition is: Bring Back the Jim Henson Clay Animation Films Page! It -- and other pages devoted to Sam the Snake et al -- was unfairly deleted for "not being relevant to this Wiki." (It's classic Sesame Street, produced by Jim Henson, for crying out loud--what more do you want?!) The time has come to correct this injustice!

And no, I did not write the pages that got deleted. I have no idea who did. But whomever it was, I hope they see this and are encouraged to try to submit it again. You have my full support, good sir or madam!

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