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(The books are out now.)
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==Sesame Street Holiday Gift Set==
{{book|writer=|illustrator=[[Tom Brannon]]|date=October 16, [[2012]]|publisher=[[:Category:Reader's Digest|Reader's Digest]]|series=|isbn=0794428134}}
The '''''Sesame Street Holiday Gift Set''''' is a ''[[Sesame Street]]'' stocking-shaped collection of a portable music player, three storybooks, 30 stickers and a photo ornament to hang on the tree.
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==Elmo's Daddy==
{{book|writer=[[Naomi Kleinberg]]|illustrator=[[Louis Womble]]|date=January 8, [[2013]]|publisher=[[:Category:Random House|Random House]]|series=|isbn=0307981223}}
'''''Elmo's Daddy''''' is a 2013 ''[[Sesame Street]]'' storybook featuring [[Elmo]]. Elmo and [[Louie|his dad]] are spending a Father's Day together, but Elmo's not sure what his father will like doing best. They play ball, go to the playground, eat lunch in the park and take a walk. It turns out spending time with his favorite little red monster is the one thing that his dad enjoys doing the most.
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==Sesame Beginnings: It's Time!==
{{book|writer=[[Naomi Kleinberg]]|illustrator=[[Christopher Moroney]]|date=January 8, 2013|publisher=[[:Category:Random House|Random House]]|series=|isbn=0307980596}}
'''''It's Time!''''' is a 2013 ''[[Sesame Beginnings]]'' board book. Toddler versions of ''[[Sesame Street]]'' characters go through a typical day from waking up in the morning to a bathtime and beyond. Each spread includes a lift-the-flap which adds an interactive touch and an element of fun.
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==Night, Night, Elmo!==
{{book|writer=|illustrator=|date=January 8, [[2013]]|publisher=[[:Category:Reader's Digest|Reader's Digest]]|series=|isbn=0794427987}}
[[File:Tuck_me_in_elmo.jpg|thumb|left|100px|Solicited cover]]
'''''Night, Night, Elmo!''''' is a 2013 ''[[Sesame Street]]'' storybook featuring [[Elmo]]. It's time for Elmo to go to bed, but he's not sleepy. Eventually, he will after he puts on his pajamas, brushes his teeth and listen to a story.
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==Elmo at the Zoo==
{{book|writer=[[Lori C. Froeb]]|illustrator=[[Christopher Moroney]]|date=February 5, [[2013]]|publisher=[[:Category:Reader's Digest|Reader's Digest]]|series=Open Door Books|isbn=0794424775}}
'''''Elmo at the Zoo''''' is a 2013 ''[[Sesame Street]]'' board book. Elmo's favorite zoo animals are penguins, but he doesn't know where to find them. The reader helps Elmo look while learning about the animals he finds along the way.
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