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This article is about an upcoming project, product, or production.

Happy Monster Monster Day!

Happy monster monster
Published October 1, 2015
Publisher Ladybird
ISBN 0241198003
Product description

Happy Monster Monster Day! is a 2015 Christmas-themed storybook based on The Furchester Hotel episode "Monster Monster Day."

It's Monster Monster Day at the Furchester Hotel! Come and join in the festive fun with Elmo, Cookie Monster and the Furchester family. Will the Furchester Hotel be lucky enough to get a visit from the monsteriest monster of them all?

Isabel Gets the Ding-Ups!

Isabel ding ups
Published October 1, 2015
Publisher Ladybird
ISBN 0241197988
Product description

Isabel Gets the Ding-Ups! is a 2015 storybook based on The Furchester Hotel episode "Isabel Gets the Ding-Ups."

There's a problem at the Furchester Hotel - Isabel's got the ding-ups! It's the bell monster equivalent of the hiccups, and nothing seems to be solving it. Can you join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Phoebe and the rest of the monsters to help cure Isabel's ding-ups? Kids can ding along with the story using the special Isabel sound button!

Let's Go Potty, Elmo!

Written by Lori C. Froeb
Published October 30, 2015
Publisher Reader's Digest
ISBN 9780794435172
Product description
The wheels to turn, flaps to lift, and tabs to pull on the pages of this sturdy board book help teach toddlers the necessities of bathroom hygiene. Playing is so much fun, but everyone has to take a potty break sometimes - even Elmo! Taking all the right steps can be a challenge too, but now kids can help Elmo remember how by showing him the toilet paper, reminding him to flush, and making the correct choices for washing hands - should you use a toy car, a banana, or soap? Kids will love pulling the tabs, turning the wheels and lifting the flaps in this engaging book that explains the basics of bathroom hygiene.

Elmo's Colors

Elmos colors
Written by Naomi Kleinberg
Published Jan 5, 2016
Publisher Random House
ISBN 9781101932001
Product description
Elmo and his friends help toddlers learn their colors in this all-new Sesame Street paperback book with press-out color cards. Full-color photographs of Sesame Street characters and lots of colorful objects make learning with Sesame Street super-duper, colorful fun!

Splish-Splash Spring!

Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published Jan 5, 2016
Publisher Random House
ISBN 9781101934296
Product description
Spring showers bring flowers and fun to Sesame Street in this sweet rhyming paperback storybook with stickers! Elmo and friends say, “So long, winter!” by splashing in puddles and dancing in the rain—just what girls and boys ages 3 to 6 love doing on a drizzly spring day!

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