Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1969
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
EKA Episode 0060
Sesame Street Up and Down02:55

Sesame Street Up and Down

Cookie Monster and Herry Monster sing "Up and Down."


1997 remake.

"Up and Down" is a Sesame Street song from Season 1 that was featured on The Sesame Street Book & Record. The song talks about the different things you can see when you look up, and when you look down. It was credited to "Two Monsters" performed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz. The album's illustrations and pictures include misleading clues as to who the two monsters may have been, but given the ambiguity, there is no conclusive evidence that it was ever meant to have been two specific monsters when it was initially recorded. On later album releases, the song is credited to "Cookie Monster and another Monster."

In 1970 (for Season 2), the song was videotaped with Cookie Monster and an early Herry Monster. (EKA: Episode 0154) The soundtrack from The Sesame Street Book & Record album was used for this version, so Jim Henson's voice is heard instead of Herry's regular performer, Jerry Nelson. In the sketch, Herry finds Cookie looking for the cookie he dropped, but notices he's looking upward. They sing about the difference, but after the song, Cookie explains a bird took his cookie when he dropped it. He spies the bird and chases it. The bird, however, drops the cookie in Herry's hand, who eats it.

In 1996, a remake of this song was taped with Herry and Cookie Monster in a playground. (First: Episode 3532) This version of the song marked the debut of a revised version of Herry, with a thinner eyebrow. Some lyrics were altered slightly to reflect the fact that they were singing outdoors (looking at the sun/grass instead of ceiling/floor, respectively) and that Herry doesn't wear shoes.



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