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Definitely not Miss Piggy.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a comedy series created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock and starring Ellie Kemper, that has streamed on Netflix since March 6, 2015. The series follows 29-year old Kimmy Schmidt as she adjusts to life in New York City after her rescue from an Indiana doomsday cult.

Muppet Mentions

  • In the episode "Kimmy Gets a Job!," Titus rallys a group of unlicensed Times Square costumed characters. When a kid complains that the knock-off costume is "Not Cookie Monster," Titus agrees saying "She's right, Dale. You're not Cookie Monster. And I'm not Iron Man, and that is definitely not Miss Piggy." The camera then cuts to a poorly-made female pig costume.
  • In the episode, "Kimmy Goes to a Party!", Titus claims he had a brief stint on Sesame Street as Gordon.
  • Also in "Kimmy Goes to a Party!", a man Kimmy met at a party admits his name isn't really Beeker, "I'm not a Muppet scientist." Kimmy corrects him, "Bunsen Honeydew's the scientist. Beaker's just his assistant."
  • In the episode "Kimmy is Bad at Math!," Dong, a recent Vietnamese immigrant, tell Kimmy that he came to New York because of movies like "Wall Sugar" (Kimmy corrects his translation of the title, saying it's "Wallstreet"), "Home by Myself Again" (Kimmy corrects his translation of Home Alone 2) and "The Puppet Frog and the Pig Wife Take Manhattan" (which Kimmy questions as him meaning "When Harry Met Sally").
  • In the episode "Kimmy Ride a Bike!," Rev. Richard Wayne Gary Wayne explains how he figured out the date of the apocolypse as June 6, 2006 (6-6-6). The reverand states "It came to me while I was watching Sesame Street. The number of the day was 9 and I was in my gravity boots."
  • In the episode "Kimmy Goes to a Play!," Lillian claims that her neighborhood inspired Sesame Street, citing a resident in a trash can and a "large furry monster only [she] can see."


  • Stephanie D'Abruzzo plays "Papuzza Puppeteer #2" in "Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!"
  • Tina Fey co-created and executive produced the series and also plays Marcia in "Kimmy Rides a Bike!," "Kimmy Goes to Court!," and "Kimmy Makes Waffles!"
  • Jon Hamm plays Rev. Richard Wayne Gary Wayne in "Kimmy Rides a Bike!," "Kimmy Goes to Court!," and "Kimmy Makes Waffles!"
  • James Monroe Iglehart plays Coriolanus Burt in "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!"
  • Carol Kane plays Lillian Kaushtupper in nine season 1 episodes
  • Richard Kind plays Mr. Leftkovitz in "Kimmy Goes to School!"
  • Jane Krakowski plays Jacqueline Voorhees in eight season 1 episodes
  • Matt Lauer plays himself in "Kimmy Goes Outside!"
  • Peter Linz plays "Puppeteer #3" in "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle!"
  • Noel MacNeal plays "Puppeteer #1" in "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle!"
  • Joey Mazzarino plays "Papuzza" in "Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!"
  • Robert Osborne plays himself in "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle!"
  • Horatio Sanz plays Hector in "Kimmy Gets a Job!"
  • Amy Sedaris plays Mimi Kanasis in "Kimmy Is Bad at Math!"
  • Adam Scott plays Happy Snake in "Kimmy Goes to Her Happy Place!"
  • Martin Short plays Dr. Sydney Grant in "Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!"
  • James Wojtal, Jr. plays "Puppeteer #2" in "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle!"
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