A list of inserts produced for Sesame Street, but never aired on the show.

Picture Season Description
Season 34 Global Grover: Angola Fishing

Though unaired, the segment was published to Sesamestreet.org for a period of time.

Season 36 "Cookie Monster, Food Investigator," a spoof of Dragnet.[1]
Season 36 Buzz Aldrin talks with a boy named Alex about outer space and space travel.

Though unaired, the segment was published to Sesamestreet.org for a period of time.

Season 38[2] The Count tries to find something to count, but finds nothing, which makes him sad. He then realizes he can count feelings, experiencing various mood swings.

Though the segment hasn't aired on the American show, it has aired on international co-productions and was published online to Sesamestreet.org and SesameStreet's YouTube Channel.

Season 38 Alec Baldwin describes himself as a "closer" and closes things.[3]
Season 40 A parody of Jon & Kate Plus 8 with The Count adding the married couples' twins and sextuplets. After counting eight, Kate suddenly ends up giving birth to several children.

Though it never aired on the show, it was included as a bonus feature on the Best of Sesame Street Spoofs! DVD set.

Season 41 Katy Perry and Elmo meet for a playdate in "Hot and Cold".

Released to YouTube in advance of its PBS broadcast, Sesame Workshop opted not to air the song after YouTube users' negative reactions to Perry's cleavage.

Season 44 Tyra Banks and Abby sing "The ABC Song," when the letter Z appears, taking umbrage to the fact that only the first three letters are mentioned in the title. Tyra convinces him to stay, converting it to the "A Through Z Song."

Though a clip of the segment appears in the season 44 trailer (YouTube), it did not appear in any episode of the season. It was later posted to the Sesame Street YouTube channel. (YouTube)

See also

  • "See the Signs" was discontinued from any future broadcast following domestic abuse charges raised against Chris Brown in 2009.


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