Written by Éric Roger
Published 1978
Publisher Mengés
ISBN 9782856200490

Un pique-nique organisé (An Organized Picnic) is a 1978 storybook based on 1, Rue Sésame, the French co-production of Sesame Street.

Ernest (Ernie) and Bart (Bert) organize a picnic for their friends, Macaron (Cookie Monster), Lhorrible (Herry Monster), le Comte (Count von Count), Gertrude (Betty Lou), Roosevelt (Roosevelt Franklin) and Guy Sourire (Guy Smiley).

Bart tries to organize the picnic according to the plan in his notebook -- but everything goes wrong. First, Ernest and Bart can't figure out how to get to the park in Lhorrible's car -- it seats four people, but Lhorrible and Macaron each take up two seats. Ernest and Bart have to ride in the trunk.

They meet their friends in the park, where Macaron eats all of the food. Then it starts to rain. They try to leave in the car, but now Macaron is so heavy that he breaks the car's back wheels. Finally, Macaron eats the car.

Satisfied, Macaron thanks his friends for inviting him to such a well-organized picnic.

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