Twiddlebug Land - Sesame Place 3

Twiddlebug Land enterance

Twiddlebug Land is a themed area of Sesame Place based on Sesame Street's Twiddlebug. The area opened on May 15, 1993.

The section of the park uses the theme of shrinking guests down to the size of bugs, making everything appear "larger than life". The cental attractions of the area are the Teeny Tiny Tidal Wave, a 10,000-square-foot wave pool that features a giant "garden hose" fountain, and Sky Splash, a giant water slide ride.

Slimey's Chutes, a pair of water slides designed to look like a giant Slimey the Worm, allows visitors to race down the famous worm.

The area also is home to Mix 'n' Match Twiddle Tracks. The twiddle tracks feature self-powered railroad cars made out of giant match-boxes. Silly Sand Slide is a playgound located in Twiddlebug Land, designed as an over sized sandbox.

A 16-foot-tall Ernie peers over area. Giant pencils, marbles, playing cards, postcards and other items decorate the area. Even the bathrooms are shaped and decorated like a milk carton.

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