Tune In TV is a Sesame Street toy made by Fisher-Price in 2001. According to the product description:

Kids will love "tuning in" to a toy TV that has real animated moving images just like on their parents' TV. 6 different channels feature kids' favorite Sesame Street characters in full motion, talking away on their very own shows. Cookie Monster cooks up some tasty dishes on his cooking channel; Zoe helps teach fitness on her exercise channel; Bert & Ernie leave them laughing on their comedy channel; Big Bird is your guide to the wild on his nature channel; Elmo and Grover lay down some grooves on their Rock & Roll channel and Oscar has the forecast on his weather channel.

The infrared remote control lets kids change channels from a distance, or they can use the buttons right on the TV. There is also a "rappin' repeat" feature so that when kids continuously press the button characters will repeat a letter or word just like they are rapping!

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