A common gag used in various media involves two or more characters stacking themselves like a totem pole to appear taller in the interest of tricking another character. This is achieved sometimes using something as simple as a long trench coat and hat, other large clothing, or more elaborate costumes.

Fraggle Rock

In the episode "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs", the Gorgs tell the story of Sir Hubris, who would someday come to relieve them of their rule over the Universe. Gobo convinces the Fraggles to use the opportunity to get rid of the Gorgs by posing as Sir Hubris.

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic

In an effort to rid the Bunny Picnic from the Dog charged with catching bunnies for his master, Bean Bunny poses as the head for a giant bunny made of many little bunnies. Their scare tactic works for a short time, until the bunnies nerves get the best of them, collapsing the giant costume they'd labored over.

Muppet Babies

In the episode "Of Mice and Muppets", the Babies assemble as the Number One Wonk to save Baby Gonzo from the Wall Wonker. Kermit, as the Wonk's head, informs the creature that he's being sent back to the planet Wonkus. Their illusion is short-lived as the bottom of their robe is caught and reveals their deception.

Muppets from Space

In an effort to save Gonzo from C.O.V.N.E.T., Kermit and Pepe mount Fozzie and Piggy donned in doctor coats. The clumsily work their way through the halls, almost get caught by a C.O.V.N.E.T. employee, and finally find Gonzo just before Dr. Phil van Neuter sucks his brain out, when Piggy can't take it any more, and collapses them both.

The Muppets

When her secretary at Vogue won't let them see Miss Piggy without an appointment, the Muppets get the idea to pose as "Muppet Man", helmed by Fozzie. Miss Piggy says he looks familiar, and they collapse when Fozzie unsuccessfully attempts to coordinate a sitting position causing Gonzo, acting as the left leg, to fail.

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