ToonSeum is a museum of cartoon art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Signings at 2010 NY Comic Con

ToughPigs15:41 at NY Comic Con Caroll Spinney

In 2010, Toonseum's booth at NY Comic Con hosted autograph signings on Saturday, October 9 with Caroll Spinney, Noel MacNeal, Jim Martin, Judy Sladky, and David Newell (Mr. McFeely from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood). Events included a talk, "Children’s TV Legends: A Celebration of Childhood Memories".


2010 show "The Art of Caroll Spinney"

Caroll Spinney talks about cartooning and the exhibition of his work at the ToonSeum01:16

Caroll Spinney talks about cartooning and the exhibition of his work at the ToonSeum

ToonSeum Presents Caroll Spinney Drawing Oscar01:29

ToonSeum Presents Caroll Spinney Drawing Oscar

November 6th-January 30th

Spinney brings his beloved characters into new realms through elaborate fantasy paintings, greeting cards and book illustrations. The exhibit will offer insight into the life of Spinney and his work -- from his early comics as a child and fanciful car designs as a teen, to his comic strip work in the Air Force... Throughout his career, Spinney designed cast T-shirts and greeting cards, many of which will be on display during this exhibit. In the 1990s, Spinney turned his talents to painting and produced several fantasy works featuring Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters.

ToonSeum’s annual fundraiser "Ka-Blam! The Return of Saturday Mornings", on November 6, included Spinney as guest of honour. He also made two drawing demo videos for the museum's YouTube page.

2012 show "Animating Haring!"

Featuring the animation of Bill Davis. Featured are animated cels and drawings for his Keith Haring-inspired segments "Exit", "1-10", and "What Comes Next?"

Permanent collection

Their "Drawing Board of Fame" includes a sketch by Caroll Spinney, and sketches by various animators who have worked on Sesame Street segments.

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