Tim Blaney, with Frank the Pug from Men in Black.

Tim Blaney is a puppeteer who has worked on various Muppet and Henson projects, including Dinosaurs (as a juror in "Earl's Big Jackpot"), Muppets Tonight, Muppet Classic Theater, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Studio DC: Almost Live!, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Muppets. He provided various monster voices in the 2011 Sesame Street video game Once Upon a Monster.

Blaney's non-Henson credits include puppeteering and voicing the animatronic robot Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and Short Circuit II , puppeteer work for Flight of the Navigator, and Frank the Pug in Men in Black and its sequel. Blaney also performed Groofus the dog in the Angel episode "Smile Time."

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