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Thumbelina, Reporter Kermit, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Amazing Mumford.

Thumbelina is a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen about a thumb-sized girl and adventures. First published in 1835, with it being translated to English in 1846. The story has been adapted many times in various mediums.

Muppet Characters



  • Carol Channing voiced Ms. Fieldmouse in the 1994 animated film
  • Charo voiced Mrs. Toad in the 1994 animated film
  • Barbara Cook voiced Thumbelina's Mother in the 1994 animated film
  • Gilbert Gottfried voiced Mr. Beetle in the 1994 animated film
  • John Hurt voiced Mr. Mole in the 1994 animated film
  • Danny Mann voiced Mozo in the 1994 animated film

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