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  • I just wanted to ask, but I figure he isn't since he hasn't had any new appearances with Bert, Cookie Monster, or Grover. So my actual question is, should we change the info box for those characters and put when their last appearances with Frank were, yes or no?

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    • He's been saying in a lot of recent interviews that Sesame Workshop doesn't ask him to do the show anymore. He hasn't been on the show since 2012 (last I checked, one such quote was on his page). We do have a Return performances by Frank Oz on Sesame Street page which mentions his last performances.

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    • When we started the pages, Frank was still occasionally popping-in for bits and I don't think we've really scrutinized it since. But it does seem odd to still list Frank as "1969-present" when he hasn't performed Cookie Monster in over 14 years or Bert in nearly 12 years.

      We don't list Frank as a current performer for any of his Muppet characters (Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, etc.) although there is just as much of a chance that he could return to perform them again. So while Frank could come back, he's not really a current performer of the characters anymore.

      Likewise it is possible that Fran Brill could come out of retirement for a performance, or Steve Whitmire could be hired back, or Kevin Clash could return to Sesame, or Frank Oz could return to the Muppets... however we've closed out their tenures as a "current" performer. And if any of them do return, well then we can reopen their status and adjust the end dates.

      It's sad to say, but I think it may be time to close out Frank's status on these characters (at least until he actually does return to them).

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    • You know, I never thought of it like that. Okay, that's understandable.

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    • I agree that it is time for those very changes to be made to those pages.

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