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  • Nick, your additions to the wiki have been troublesome for some time, and I haven't really been sure about how to approach you on it. You've been here almost since the beginning, so you're familiar with the wiki's practices, but more and more, it feels like you find something in the news and dump it here without a lot of effort made into its presentation.

    We're not Wikipedia. There's only a handful of folks regularly looking at RecentChanges to make fixes to new content, as opposed to Wikipedia where thousands of people are constantly poring over recent activity. Sometimes, it's possible that something may not get looked at at all either because we're all busy with something else, or it just flies in under the radar.

    I expect a higher level of diligence from you. You need to take extra steps to be sure new articles are titled properly, that there's enough info to justify an article in the first place, that you're showing your sources, following our manual of style, and including visuals when they're available.

    The content you're adding is good, but Muppet Wiki should mean something more to you than just a junk drawer you stuff a handful of penny candy into and forget about.

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