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  • For years, it's been assumed that Jim Henson did the animation for these segments, because his voice is often heard in them. But did he really have any involvement besides voices? Has anyone seen written or photographic proof of him working with clay? (The revelation of Walt Teas as the narrator in some of them made me curious.)

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    • If there's no proof hactually directed the segments, then it should probably be taken out for now. 

      Otherwise, I haven't found much info regarding who worked with the clay/directed thsegments. 

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    • According to Andrew in Thread:237665, "Jim Henson did the first season clay segments".

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    • We know he was working with stop-motion at that time (clay is the same technique, just using those instead of squares or figures) and in other ways, and I've seen the same attributions (which is what I was going by in the other thread). Maybe we can check with Karen Falk or MOMI or someone if we feel we need exact proof. It's true we don't have any shots of him working with any specific segments. I feel like I saw a "Henson" attribution to one or more of these in the CTW archive scans but can't find and confirm it right now.

      I don't think the use of other voices besides Jim Henson really means anything one way or the other). But interviews with Flo Ayres (Teas, I'd have to listen and compare with the Prime Minister and some radio reference I have for him to see which of these he did; apart from comparisons, it's the fact that he and Ayres were in Washington at the same time) only refer to working with (and being cast by) Jim Henson on the spot, but not specifically what he did (we've seen shots of him doing other animation stuff alone with his camera, but it wouldn't surprise me if stop-motion veteran Don Sahlin or others were involved).

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    • Firstseason 05

      Aha, found it: "Henson Clay" (specifically for the E segment, from the running time).

      At the very least that means he produced the segments (sometimes the person we have as "Artist" for animated segments is the director, sometimes a producer, sometimes the same person did it all but usually there were individuals doing the actual animation). Checking, the phrase used on most of the pages right now is "Jim Henson clay animation," so that seems fair enough to me (if we feel we need to add "produced" just in case he didn't personally direct, that's fine, although I personally think it's pretty likely, given the other stop-motion segments he did).

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