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  • I've been meaning to bring this up. We've slowly been doing some cleanup on Minor TV and Movie Mentions: Breaking out entries that are substantial enough or also been referenced, and so on.

    One area I've been thinking about is documentaries. On those list pages, they often get lost (especially those that discuss Muppets or include footage in passing, as part of a discussion of media or whatnot). Some of the others have visual mentions (merchandise in a store or real person's house). I'm thinking creating a Documentary Mentions page would help for those who might want to find some of these and fill them in.

    I'm thinking a single page (Minor Movie Mentions right now has an entry for Preschool Power 3', which is a half hour video release and part of a series showing kids doing things, so not really a movie). So it would include any documentary whether film, TV, or straight to video. What it would not include: Reality shows, game shows, most news shows (they usually have their own entry if it's worth covering; we don't track every news show that does "Muppets have a new movie" or "Parent complains about Elmo toy" pieces anyway), talk shows, or anything clearly manipulated or borderline (Penn & Teller: Bullshit as a series may fit as a documentary, but the Muppet mention is a verbal throw-away in Penn Jillette's scripted voice-over unrelated to the topic, so probably best to keep there, in contrast to NOVAscienceNOW). I'd like to deal with some of those later, but documentaries are easier to define and break out right now. The list would also at the top have a see also Category:Documentaries for those made specifically or significantly around the Muppets or Muppet-involved people and projects.

    Right now, candidates for moving (I'd repaste the text, to be honest, but the forum isn't as effective for that compared to talk pages or sandboxing). From Minor Movie Mentions:

    • Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope - verbal
    • Helvetica (visual, already shown)
    • Preschool Power 3 - actually this one's a question mark, as to what to do with it at all. Not really a documentary (the person who added it didn't claim it was either), but part of a half hour video series that had kids doing things or singing songs, usually scripted. Can't find this online, need to find out who added it and if they're still on the Wiki, since the options seem to be buying the thing or getting it through a library. Description given: "When a little girl pretends to be a doctor with her doll as her patient, the Muppet University Kermit plush can be seen in the background." It could be that this was documentary footage (like in some Sesame film inserts), or they used the Kermit as a prop. In which case we could park it on this thread if we have enough "Home Video Mentions" (then it won't matter if it's documentary footage or not). Unless someone can clarify or add a visual, that's what I'm inclined to do.
    • Waiting for Superman (visual; should be easier for someone to screengrab at some point)
    • What Would Jesus Buy? (visual)
    • Words - A 13 minute compilation from the Writers Guild, mixing Spielberg talking about the word itself and a range of dialogue clips from film and TV. (Documentary feels like a better fit for this than movies).

    From Minor TV Mentions

    That's enough for a decent page, especially once more than the three images we have can be added. Anything from those pages that I missed, feel free to mention. (I know there are a few of this kind we haven't covered yet). Maybe a see also to relevant solo pages like The Human Language Series. Thoughts? It would be a fairly easy move right now (fixing any language tweaks or stuff like missing dates as they're spotted).

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