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  • So, I'm not 100% sure as to what our current policy is regarding Henson Company productions post-2004, but to what degree should we limit Julie's Greenroom? I've only gotten one-minute in as I type, but already, there's tons of references to Broadway shows by way of posters on walls (including Avenue Q, humorously) and I'm sure there's going to be more.

    Should we be noting references from the show on pages, or is a project only worth covering through the show page? Just want some clarification.

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    • We'd decided way back not to count references from stuff like Unstable Fables or Sid the Science Kid, and the main concern would basically be users saying "But if Julie's Greenroom gets it, why doesn't blank blank referring to this count?" *But* the Avenue Q bit feels like an in-joke (and I admit if it was my decision only, I'd want to count it, but still concerned about what it could cause with other editors, which the flat rule has helped prevent, and has also applied to performers who were only in that show and so on, like with Pajanimals).

      At the least, while it probably wouldn't be enough to give a show a page, a section on Julie's Greenroom could track the references. (Just my thoughts, not sure what other admins think.)

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