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  • Pizza-credit

    So, when Utkarsh Ambudkar's character appeared on The Muppets, I assumed the joke about his name being spelled p-i-z-z-a was just a throwaway. But the end credits billed him as "Pizza," not Pache. I checked last night and they did it again.

    So, what do we do? We can rename, but we might have to disambiguate, like "Pizza (human character)" or something. Or we just include a note on the credits spelling (far as I can tell, "Pache" only appeared in advance press announcements and on fan sites like ours). It's sort of like Alynda/Alinda, only weirder.

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    • I would say go with "Pizza" and put a note saying that it's pronounced "pache". It's the same thing we did with Dominic Badguy (pronounced "badgee").

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    • See, I think "Pizza" is the joke, and his name is really Pache. They just extended the joke into the credits. I was thinking of making a page about Pizza as a food, similar to what we've done for ice cream, and then linking to Pache as a "see also".

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    • While the name "Pizza" is certainly a joke, we don't know that his name is really "Pache" (and he just insists on changing the spelling to build off an existing brand). For all we know his birth-given name is "Steve" and he just changed it to the "P-i-double-z-a" spelling and gave it a unique pronunciation to be pretentious or unique. All the on-screen evidence points to his name being spelled Pizza (both in-universe and in-credits).

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    • The closed captions say "Pache" if that helps.

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